This is work completed in 2012/2016

The Humanity Monument, 2016

Ultrahigh brilliance LEDs, Steel and Wood. 2.4 metres x 1.4 metres

The question is not meant to be accusatorial, rather a suggestion that we should look at ourselves, look at our attitudes. Yet on the other hand, to some, it may well be accusatorial. In that case, there may be a greater imperative to look at ones self. A little introspection will do no harm.

Shown at Q-Park Mayfair, London

The Humanity Monument, 2016

Shown at 44AD Artspace, Bath, UK

The Humanity Monument, 2016

Shown at Trowbridge Arts, Trowbridge, UK

Architectural Apparatus No.6 [Inclined/Reclined/Declined Triumphal Arch]

Rusted Steel 3 mtrs x 1.5mtrs x 3 mtrs.

This is an investigation of the monument in the 21st century where a classic monumental form is subverted and manipulated. It uses rusted steel to lament and signify the decay of industry in Britain.

'Architectural Apparatus No.5 Rev.1 [Inverted Triumphal Arch]'

Rusted Steel. 3 mtrs x 1.5 mtr x 4 mtrs

This is the first [and only] revision of AA5 [Inverted Triumphal Arch] as shown below. Sections of it have changed but the contextual element remains the same.

Now permanently installed at Bath Spa University, Sion Hill Campus


Performance collaboration. Walcot Chapel. Bath [With Elena Hutchcroft and Karolina Nieduza]

A freestanding waterfall created at the entrance to the Chapel through which the performance could be viewed prior to entry to the space. The performance spanned 4 hours.

'Ecstasy of Truth'

Dual interacting video installation. Redcliffe Bridge, Bristol. [With Marina Sossi]

The two videos interact. The images are in portrait form, the same performance artist in both although to differentiate in one screen she has her hair up and the other down. They reflect two sides of the same personality which is not necessarily indicative of a schizophrenic disorder but how we question our own actions.

'Architectural Apparatus No.5 [Inverted Triumphal Arch]'

Rusted Steel. 3 mtrs x 1.5 mtr x 4 mtrs

The inverted 'classical' arch that would have so many times in the past represented a monument to glorious victories has been uprooted and appears thrown down and embedded in the ground. It's material is rusted steel, signifying the industry that my country, the cradle of the industrial revolution, has lost.